How We Work

We manage globally diversified investment portfolios, tailored to the specific needs of our clients.

By understanding your financial and personal profile, PARfinance provides you with the most suitable mandate that allows you to match our investment strategy to your requirements and build a scheme corresponding to your needs.

Investment decisions should always be independent and based on well-founded analysis. That is why PARfinance is organizing Investment Committee meeting where we discuss market outlook and perspectives, and decide on the portfolio composition of our Investment Management Program.

To be consistent with our business principles, PARfinance’s transparency gives the client the choice between two fee structures to best suit its needs and expectations.

Under Swiss Law, a mandate can be terminated on short notice, at any time.

Our mandates

  1. Discretionary mandate

    A discretionary mandate is a suitable solution for investors who wish to delegate the investment decisions concerning their assets to dedicated managers. Together with their relationship manager, clients define their risk level, reference currency, time horizon and specific needs. PARfinance maintains a close connection with its clients regarding the evolution of its Portfolio.

  2. Advisory mandate

    With the Advisory Mandate, your dedicated Investment Advisor provides you a personalized investment advice in a portfolio context. You will receive investments proposals tailored to your investment needs and goals. Indeed, you’ll decide when, where, how often, and on which occasions you would like to be contacted and involved. Should we identify immediate risks within your portfolio, you will receive a notification.

  *IIn both types of mandates, the clients will receive the account statements, transaction reports and portfolio evaluations from the depository banks through PARfinance.

Successful investing requires time,a clear and realistic plan directed toward your goal.

Let’s work together, let us become your partner in finance!

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