Our Philosophy


Our purpose is to help our clients protect and grow their wealth; we either advise them on investments (including certain types of private investments) or manage their portfolio(s) for them. Our clients can count on our independent advice to help them reach their various and unique goals. The heart of our mission is to act exclusively in our client’s best interest.


We have chosen full independence as a way of mastering our destiny and taking full responsibility for our commitments. We are clearly on our client’s side, we do not act as “agent” of any financial institution. We do not market “trendy investment products”.  We have no conflict of interest. We use our expertise to determine the most adequate solutions for each of our clients. When judged appropriate, we will elaborate financial products or have recourse to investment funds. We rely on our clients’ satisfaction to help us to successfully develop.


Investment in securities, tangible assets (particularly real estate), assistance in merger and acquisition and estate planning, in all of these areas, we use our in-house experience and the know-how of renowned specialists in order to bring the best advice and knowledge to our clients.

Let’s work together, let us become your partner in finance!

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