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Pascal Nodé-Langlois

Mr. Nodé-Langlois is a French entrepreneur born in Paris in 1947. He graduated from Paris-Dauphine University.

In 1972, he founded, in France, Nodé-Langlois Matières Premières SA (MATEP), a floor member of the Paris Commodity Exchange. After the first oil shock and the scandal of the French Commodity Market, from 1974 till 1977, Pascal Nodé-Langlois (PNL) sold gradually,  his participation in MATEP.

In 1975, due to the severe crisis prevailing in Paris, he moved to Geneva, Switzerland, where he founded Stock and Commodity Services (SCS), a Swiss financial company involved in brokerage on the international stocks & commodities markets. He then developed the company further with partners. In 1984, the company gave birth to SCS Compagnie Financière SA (SCS COFI), a Swiss portfolio management company.

In 1991, he created Banque SCS Alliance SA (BSA), which results from the merger of SCS and SCS COFI. The bank was specialized in private banking, asset management and financial engineering. Gradually, the bank opened several branches in Switzerland and subsidiaries abroad.

In 2006, after a consistent career in finance of more than 30 years as the principal owner, Managing Director and Chairman of the Board of BSA (previously SCS), PNL sold his stake in the bank, which at the time counting more than 4000 clients . Today the bank continues its growth under the name of Company Bancaire Helvetique (CBH Bank).

In 2006, PNL founded a new financial boutique, in Luxembourg: Voltaire Group SA.

In 2007, Voltaire Group opened a subsidiary in Switzerland: PARfinance SA, dedicated to portfolio management and related wealth services. PNL is the only shareholder of Voltaire Group, which, in turn, is the majority shareholder of PARfinance.


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